1. Prior to installation, treat extensions in cool water with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.

2. Avoid cutting wefts when possible while installing and/or uninstalling.

3. Always comb/brush extensions with wide tooth combs or paddle brushes from ends to weft.

    *DeepWave/Curly - only while wet. Denman brush recommended.

4. Heat Styling: Protect with oil free or light weight heat protectant. 

    *DeepWave/Curly - blow out first as you would before a silk press. 


5. *DeepWave/Curly - spray generously with water, add light leave in conditioner, comb/brush.


6. Cover with Rockka Luxe Collection Satin Bonnet before bed.

    *DeepWave/Curly - put 2-6 large braids/twists in hair prior to covering.

7. Avoid oily/heavy products as they may cause build up and/or shedding.

8. Wash hair as needed. Skipping conditioner is recommended if your hair is oily.

    *DeepWave/Curly - never skip conditioner.