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PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING! DUE TO HIGH DEMAND AND SHORTER HOURS, RLC ISN'T CURRENTLY TAKING NEW CLIENTS (UNLESS YOU WOULD LIKE A CUSTOM WIG MADE)Luxury and exclusivity go hand in hand. To provide you with an elite experience, I only work with products and services purchased from Rockka Luxe Collection. When you work with me, we don’t settle for anything less than the highest quality. I will not install hair purchased anywhere else. Don't worry, I have great hair available for Quick Weaves as well (purchase at your appointment or here on the site "Quick Weave Bundles"). Also, I do not style or touch up work done by other stylists. Not only does this guarantee consistency on my end, it ensures you’re looking your absolute best for longer. We ask that you read the full description of each appointment prior to booking and that you come to your appointment alone. Below you'll find more info on specific appointment details that clients usually have questions about. You can also check out the FAQ. Lastly, please create an RLC account so that you are able to manage appointments, orders, payment methods and more. Thanks - Rockka


Whether you’re looking for a long-lasting, everyday style, a remedy for hair loss, or a totally new look, I can design a custom wig that suits your needs. 


This process starts with a 15-minute appointment (in-person or virtually - book "Custom Closure Wig Measurements" or "Custom Frontal Wig Measurements" Here’s what we’ll cover at this appointment: 

  • We’ll talk about your style and construction needs.

  • We’ll note your head measurements.

  • We’ll Shop the Rockka Luxe Collection for the highest quality hair.


From there, I’ll begin crafting your custom wig. You can expect a finished product within two weeks of your purchase available for in-store pickup or shipped to your door. Please take shipping time into consideration and expect up to 3 weeks if your wig has to be delivered to you. If you’re in the Madison area, be sure to book a wig prep and install appointment for a discount on your initial installation.

Custom Closure Wig

Drop Off Services & Color

Whether you purchased bundles or a RLC custom wig, you made an investment. Get the best value for your money by keeping up with regular care and maintenance. Drop off your wig or bundles and they will be available for pick up within 2 weeks. Please take shipping time into consideration and expect up to 3 weeks if your wig has to be delivered to you

Possible drop off services include: 

  • Color

  • Washing

  • Styling 

  • Replacing lace frontals or closures

  • Replacing wig combs and elastic bands

1 0n 1 wig making class

- Learn to construct custom wigs using a sewing machine.

- 1 on 1 with Rockka Lashawn, Madison's Custom Wig Specialist.

- $1200 EVERYTHING needed for the class  is included and is yours to keep  

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Not sure what service is right for you? I offer 15-minute consultations to help you decide which service best suits your hair type and desired style for just $20.